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Now give an edge to your career with our latest Telecom and IT courses specially designed for Engineering Students and Professionals on:

Converged Communication

Optical Fibre Cables and Systems

3G UMTS Network

MySQL and PHP Programming

IP Technology and Next Generation Packet Transport Network

Batches starting from 07.12.2015 to 16.01.2016

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Under ITEC and SCAAP program of Government of India, CETTM offers the following advanced courses, each spanning 8 weeks.

Mobile Technologies and Services from 11.01.2016

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Technologies from 18.01.2016

Telecom Management from 25.01.2016

Data Communication and IP Technologies from 08.02.2016

Optical Fiber Cable, Systems and Modern Telecom Transport Technologies from 22.02.2016

Next Generation Network Technologies and Future Trends from 29.02.2016

Broadband Technologies and Future Trends from 14.03.2016

Forthcoming In-house Training Programs:

    Introduction to MPLS Technology & Services from 06/11/2015
      Leadership on 07/11/2015
        FTTH Training for Non Executives from 16/11/2015
          ORACLE from 16/11/2015
            NGN Overview from 19/11/2015
              Introduction to 3G Wireless Technologies from 20/11/2015
                Workshop on O.F Splicing Practices for Executives from 30/11/2015
                  IP Multimedia Subsystem from 30/11/2015




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  • Thank You CETTM

    I wish to thank management of CETTM for the work done on preparation of course of study. It would be desirable to note the equipments of your laboratories and also magnificent preparation of your experts which had done good work.
    Mr. Andrei Konanau
  • Well Done CETTM

    The training was of a great standard. The Trainers are very knowledgeable about the subject and their friendliness to the trainees made all participants feel at ease in the class.
    Mr. Aneerav Sukhoo
  • Excellent Training

    CETTM is a great place in both training centre and business in Telecommunication. There are many projects continually providing to participants from different countries some of them are developing countries. CETTM people are helpful and friendly with every people. I think they have much experience in Telecom field.
    Mr. Chea Setho

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