Shri A.K.Garg                       Prof.Dr.Uday Salunkhe       CMD,MTNL                       Group Director,WeSchool 

With the rapid changes in the Telecom eco system and stupendous growth of Telecom sector on all fronts there has been great demand for Trained Telecom professionals who not only have holistic view of the industry but also be able to cope with the upcoming developments. Major challenge before a telecom executive is to understand the environment in which industry operates and to extract value out of changing markets. For enabling executives to forecast market developments correctly and to determine their organization’s optimal positioning and pricing strategy, a targeted, high-level management strategy and marketing training for updating their knowledge, skills, and attitudes is the need of the hour. As Training not only improves the proficiency level but also helps to increases the productivity, hence, to keep pace with the developments in the happening fields such as Telecom, continuous Training of the personnel becomes indispensable.

The Information and Communication Technology has progressively enabled the systematic globalistaion of Telecom sector, thereby increasing the unavoidable competition between the Organisations. In order to have an extra edge over the competitors, an expert and effective technical team ,having a sound knowledge Of Business and management has to be built.

Foreseeing the need for capacity-building within the telecom sector in a developing country like India, which is experiencing a real exponential growth in this field, the most unique Industry-Academia partnership between Centre for Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management (CETTM), the training wing of MTNL and Welingkar Institute of Management and Research, has developed these Programmes as per the need of the Telecom Eco System. The endeavour is to develop the human capital for meeting the growing opportunities and challenges in Telecom Eco System. This Industry-Academia Partenership has launched two Telecom management programmes: Post Graduate Program on Telecom Management and Certificate in Telecom Marketing and Management .These courses will help equip participants with the tools and techniques needed to excel in managing the telecommunications services and infrastructure in the fast-growing Telecom markets

These courses are designed to provide the technical knowledge and management skills required for planning, procurement, efficient operation, and evaluation of  telecommunication systems. This specialization focuses on the crucial management concepts of the telecommunications environment, futuristic planning, financial management, and quality management.

This program is targeting the employees of the companies operating in Telecom Eco system and also the aspiring students and working professionals focused on pursuing career with in the Telecom eco system. These courses will provide the opportunities in telecom manufacturing/ marketing companies; in companies involved in installation, commissioning and maintenance of telecom equipment as well as infrastructure to equip their teams to face the challenges of the present Telecom revolution.


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